X on a Runway or Taxiway – What Does It Mean?

As set out by the regulatory authorities, airport ground markings are used to identify and outline runways, taxiways, and airport facilities. While active taxiways and runways are typically displayed and allocated using a variety of white symbols, there are some airport marking designations that differentiate active and decommissioned runways and taxiways. What Does an X … Read more

The Costs of Building a Runway

An integral part of any airport’s infrastructure, the construction of a runway is a significant investment. The intricate planning and construction of a runway can easily take several years, depending on various factors. But how much does it actually cost to construct a runway? The figures discussed in this article are based on constructing runways … Read more

Airport Mapping Database (AMDB) – Functions and Features


An Airport Mapping Database, also known as AMDB, is a system which outlines the layout of an airport. The map consists of a detailed and accurate rendering of the exact positioning of airport infrastructure such as runways, taxiways, aircraft gates and terminal facilities.  The primary use of AMDB systems is to provide directional guidance to … Read more

Noise Abatement | Aviation Glossary

In areas surrounding most airports, there is typically an initiative undertaken by various stakeholders with the objective of mitigating noise pollution. This noise pollution can be apparent in areas in which aircraft arrive and depart on a frequent basis. Known as Noise Abatement, it is typically delivered through a set of procedures which document and … Read more

High Intensity Runway Lights (HIRL)

Runway lighting systems are separated into categories based on their specifications. This range of specifications includes lighting intensity. On runways that are equipped for night operations and low visibility weather conditions, there will be a series of runway intensity lighting settings available. The intensity settings can be controlled by the Air Traffic Control (ATC) tower … Read more

Why do Some Airports have 2 or More Runways?

At major commercial airports around the world, it is not uncommon for there to be more than one runway in use at a given time. Airport infrastructure such as airport terminals, taxiways, and runways are the key factors for controlling the flow of passengers through the airport. As a result, there are multiple reasons behind … Read more

Why Are Airport Runways So Expensive?

why are airport runways so expensive?

If you have ever read the financial breakdown of investments made by airports, it is apparent that a major portion of capital is spent on infrastructures such as runways and passenger terminals. These 2 pieces of infrastructure are typically the most expensive overheads for an airport on both initial and recurring investment basis. They are … Read more

Can I Have My Own Airstrip?

can i have my own airstrip?

For most aircraft owners, building and operating your own airstrip is typically not possible. However, you can build your own airstrip on the basis that you have sufficient land, finances, and that you comply with aviation authorities in your jurisdiction. In the United States, there are estimated to be 14,500 active private airstrips. These airstrips … Read more