CFM56 vs IAE V2500 – Airbus A320 Family Engine Types

On the Airbus A320 family, there are 2 engine types available: the CFM International CFM56 and the IAE V2500. There are numerous characteristics to both engine types which suit particular sets of operations. As of 2022, approximately 65% of Airbus A320 aircraft types are powered by CFM International CFM56 engines while the remaining 35% are IAE … Read more

Airbus Flaps/THS Setting

On the Takeoff page on the MCDU, the takeoff configuration is entered into the FMS. This takeoff configuration comprises settings such as takeoff flaps, horizontal trim setting, FLEX TO temp, and V-speeds (V1, VR, V2). On the R3 section of the MCDU, there is an option for FLAPS/THS. This is short for Flaps/Trimmable Horizontal Stabilizer. … Read more

Airbus Flex TO (Takeoff) Temperature

What is Flex Temperature? Flex (short for flexible) temperature is an Airbus-centric term used to describe the use of derated thrust takeoff procedures. Similar to the DERATE setting found on Boeing Aircraft, the FLEX Takeoff (TO) Temperature setting found on Airbus aircraft allows flight crews to select a pre-determined takeoff thrust setting that is below … Read more

Airbus Engine Mode Selector Crank

On Airbus aircraft, the engine ignition system is controlled via a singular switch that controls the engine start process. This system involves feeding air to the air-starter, which starts the rotation of the engines. Under most operating conditions, the air source fed to the air-starter will be Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) bleed air. If the … Read more

Airbus Detents and Autothrust (A/THR) System

From the A320 series onwards, the throttle and power setting system on Airbus aircraft is designed to maximize efficiency, safety, and fuel economy. This is achieved via an intricate computer-based management autothrust system (A/THR) integrated in line with the Airbus Fly By Wire (FBW) system. Airbus Autothrust (A/THR) System  As part of this systems architecture, … Read more

A320-100 vs A320-200: Key Differences Between the Types

The Airbus A320 family is considered the most commercially successful narrowbody aircraft of all time. With over 10,000 aircraft produced since the type’s introduction in 1987, the aircraft has evolved in terms of technical specifications and performance. A pivotal element of the aircraft series is the difference between the -100 and -200 variants of the … Read more

A320 Fuel Burn Per Hour | Airbus A320 Fuel Consumption

Perhaps one of the most important metrics for measuring capability and performance, the fuel consumption of an aircraft is a primary factor in fleet selection. With a strong push for reducing carbon emissions and minimizing operating costs, airlines seek aircraft which are fuel-efficient. A320 Fuel Burn Per Hour The A320 Current Engine Option (CEO) burns … Read more

Can an A320 Fly Over The Atlantic? | Narrowbody Transatlantic Operations

Wizzair A320 at London Luton Airport - June 2019

With thousands in service worldwide, the Airbus A320 series is one of the most commercially successful narrowbody aircraft in aviation history. Designed for short to medium-haul routes, the aircraft type can be found predominantly operating continental routes in Europe, North America, and Asia. With a range of approximately 3,300 nautical miles, the Airbus A320 on … Read more