Can A Plane Fly Without Wings?

Can Planes Fly Without Wings?

It would be hard to picture the typical passenger airliner flying without its wings. But is it possible? For most aircraft designed, it would be impossible for them to fly without wings. Wings provide lift and directional stability to the aircraft. They are also attached to key aircraft components such as engines, hydraulic lines, and … Read more

Is The B787 Dreamliner Safe? – A Complete Analysis

Is the B787 Safe? - A Complete Analysis

Back in the mid-2000s, Boeing unveiled the latest aircraft developments for the future of its long-haul aircraft. The Boeing 787 project was announced, a new wide-body long-haul airliner that aimed to provide ultimate passenger comfort while providing airlines with a quieter, more fuel-efficient aircraft. The aircraft type intended to replace the aging Boeing 767 and … Read more

How Do Airplanes Brake in the Air?

Aircraft spoiler

Airplanes can slow down or brake in the air by increasing drag. Drag is defined as the force which acts to oppose an aircraft traveling through the air. As aircraft are designed to be streamlined and aerodynamic as possible, devices are needed to slow the aircraft down when required. How do Airplanes Brake Mid-Air? These … Read more

How Often are Planes Replaced?

How often are planes replaced?

Like any piece of machinery, commercial aircraft reach a stage in which they need to be replaced by younger, more efficient aircraft. The exact age in which an aircraft is retired varies however it is normal for an aircraft to fly for 25-30 years. However, there are outliers to this statistic. Why do Planes get … Read more

Do Planes Count as Public Transport?

Planes count as public transport if they are operated by an airline that carries fare-paying passengers. However, there are other forms of transport carried out by an aircraft which would not be classed as public transport. How are Planes Defined as Public Transport? As mentioned already, planes typically are categorized under public transport if members … Read more

Do Planes Carry Cars?

Can Planes Carry Cars?

Passenger planes can transport cars in the cargo hold (the section of the aircraft located below the cabin). Dedicated cargo aircraft can carry cars and even larger vehicles on their main decks, due to the larger amount of cargo capacity available. Is it Hard to Transport a Car on a Plane? Although it’s entirely possible … Read more

What is an Aircraft Flight Control Check?

An aircraft control check is an essential safety check carried out by the pilots of an aircraft. A control check (also known as a flight control check) involves moving the control column of the aircraft in all possible directions to ensure proper functionality. If flight control surfaces are visible from the cockpit, pilots can look … Read more