A320 Fuel Burn Per Hour | Airbus A320 Fuel Consumption

Perhaps one of the most important metrics for measuring capability and performance, the fuel consumption of an aircraft is a primary factor in fleet selection. With a strong push for reducing carbon emissions and minimizing operating costs, airlines seek aircraft which are fuel-efficient. A320 Fuel Burn Per Hour The A320 Current Engine Option (CEO) burns … Read more

Can an A320 Fly Over The Atlantic? | Narrowbody Transatlantic Operations

Wizzair A320 at London Luton Airport - June 2019

With thousands in service worldwide, the Airbus A320 series is one of the most commercially successful narrowbody aircraft in aviation history. Designed for short to medium-haul routes, the aircraft type can be found predominantly operating continental routes in Europe, North America, and Asia. With a range of approximately 3,300 nautical miles, the Airbus A320 on … Read more